Taylor Metal Roofing

We chose Taylor metal roofing because of the high quality Taylor delivers in all the products.

Taylor Metal Roofing Benefits

  • Our Energy Star® certified metal roofing can save you 40% on energy costs by reducing solar heat from entering the home reducing the need for air conditioning. Taylor is certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council.
  • Our metal roofs will last 40-60 years, that is 2-3 times longer than composition roofing products.
  • Non-flammable metal roofing dramatically reduces the risk of fire to keep families safe and the reduced risk means reduced home insurance costs.
  • You have 27 colors to choose from, and A Cut Above will work with you to choose the right color for your home.
  • An eco-friendly choice, made from recycled material and is recyclable at the end of it’s long life.

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